Student Athlete Compliance Training

When it comes to student athletes, the risks of misconduct or criminal activity increase exponentially. Learn how to navigate these issues with our expert guidance.

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Creating a Safe Learning Environment

Colleges and universities should be safe and devoid of sexual misconduct and violent crimes. However, 1-in-5 women are sexually assaulted on U.S. college campuses. At a major university with 20,000+ students, more than 1,000 young people are estimated to become victims of violence. Incidents of property crimes, disorderly conduct, and mischief are even greater. And an alarming 10-15% of student-athletes find themselves in trouble with the law.

Understanding the Consequences

When those student-athletes leave their chosen school as a result, that’s millions of dollars in unrealized return on that institution’s investment. NCAA penalties, negative publicity, and lost revenue due to the decline of the competitive product of the involved student's sport are all possible consequences when a student athlete becomes involved in misconduct or criminal activity.

Our Experts Can Help

Torinity's Student Athlete Compliance training was developed by experts to help administrators who seek to improve the safety of their students, avoid public embarrassment, and reduce financial losses associated with misconduct scandals. Torinity can deliver harassment, sex crime, anti-violence and enhanced school code of conduct training that will transform your institution.

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