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Knowing what to do when you come in contact with the legal system – at any point – is crucial for young people and adults alike. And when you don’t know what to do, you can get in trouble. 

Just as you provide health and phys ed classes to ensure students’ well being, we want to help make sure your students have the tools they need to handle themselves when they come in contact with the system, as well as give them the ability to make decisions which allow them to avoid that contact.

Legal Training Designed For Your Students

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Removing Complexity

The legal system can seem complex. See your students get it with our simple, clear step-by-step instruction and guidance

Creating Growth

Your students will develop a strong understanding of the legal system, know how to handle themselves if they have to interact with it, and have the tools they need to make good decisions

Observing Success

You’ll see your students grow into young adults prepared for their lives outside of school and after graduation. You’ll take pride in their ability to be good citizens.

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What do I need to do?


Request a consultation with one of our experts.

Implement our self-paced online curriculum in your school.

Experience the satisfaction of knowing your students are more prepared for the world than they were before – and know how to make practical, real decisions in their lives

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What does Torinity bring to the table?

We’re experienced attorneys and educators who have worked with the legal system and with young people. We walk each person step-by-step through each part of the system. We make sure your students know what’s what – so they have the power to make good decisions.

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Want to learn more?

Grab a copy of our book, When the Cops Come Knockin’: An Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law.This book uses easy-to-understand and relatable examples and illustrations to demystify criminal law and the criminal justice system.

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My Students Are Good Kids

We know that. But everyone needs to know what can happen when they get involved in the system – even if it’s just being pulled over for a traffic ticket. And if they’re not prepared, things won’t go well for them – and that will let you down also.

The Glow of Satisfaction

We know that all educators take pride in their work – they want their students to succeed in school, college or vocational training, and life.  With a solid understanding of their place in the legal system, your students will be able to succeed more confidently – and you can take pride in your part of that success.

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